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holmes had been stockpiling ammunition for months. tonight live team coverage of the violence that unfolded in that movie theater. darcy spencer has more on the victim, they're stories of heroism and heartbreak. we begin with jim gray, police wrapped up a news conference about an hour ago saying a delicate mission is still underway at this hour. jay? >> reporter: good evening. the movie theater behind me where the massacre took place still locked down by police tonight. tactical teams also searching the suspectal apartment despite explosives still inside looking for any clues, any evidence that might help to explain how and wipe this all happened. the investigation today is clearly centered on suspect james holmes' apartment where a bomb team initially worked through an intricate maze of wires. >> this apartment was designed, i say, based on everything i've seen, to kill whoever entered it. >> that could have been neighbor kaitlyn fonzie, who walked up to the door to explain about loud music playing inside about the same time holmes was allegedly terrorizing the packed theater
the 59 wounded and some are in critical condition. the suspect 24-year-old james holmes is in police custody. police say he was heavily armed when he surrendered outside the theater. a search is under way at his apartment. i want may be rigged with explosives. jay gray is in aurora with the latest. >> reporter: it was just after midnight when the "dark knight" quickly moved from fiction to reality. >> it sounded like madness. we were watching a scene of the movie. it was a shootout scene. guns were firing. a loud bang came from the right of the theater. smoke took over. >> reporter: witnesses say a man wearing a helmet, bullet proof vest, loaded with body armor and a gas mask burst through the exit door near the movie screen and tossed two canisters into the theater. >> it got harder to breathe. in less two seconds the gun shots started happening. >> reporter: the gunman identified as 24-year-old james holmes fired one shot into the air then turned his weapons on the crowd. >> he walks up the stairs and i hear gunshot after gunshot and women and children scream. it was terrifying. >>
as they struggled to try to understand the killing spree and 24-year-old james holmes, the man police say is responsible. >> the source of the evil that took the lives. >> reporter: memorials are grow ing across the shattered city. so many searching for some way to honor the injured and remember the fallen. >> can't believe that something like this could happen in my community. and we needed to pay our respects. i just feel awful. >> reporter: there is little chantel blunt can do. forced to tell her children that their dad is never coming home. >> my son has his exact blue eyes so when i look at him -- when i see her smil i see him. >> reporter: and she will never see her great niece again. veronica moesher died. >> her whole life changed in a flash. >> reporter: federal agents continue to try to figure out how and why. investigators have finished gathering and processing evidence inside holmes' apartment. the police chief calls that a critical success. >> it was absolutely crucial there because of the superb work of the bomb teches, we preserved every ounce of evidence in there. >> repor
charges of a man accused of opening fire in a crowded movie theater. james holmes was officially charged in colorado today in the attack that leave 12 people dead. witnesses say he has a much different demeanor today than in court just one week ago. jay gray is outside the courthouse in centennial, colorado now. >> reporter: jim, you're absolutely right. a short hearing today, but it did in fact provide some insight in how prosecutors plan to move forward. even though cameras are barred, we have getting insight into the man accused. the red dyed hair looks to be growing out. he was clearly more alert and responsive. 24 counts of first-degree murder, 116 attempted first-degree murder charges, two counts for each victim, shooting after deliberation and an attitude of universal malice, manifesting extreme indifference. lives like veronica, the 6-year-old killed during. her mom was paralyzed and suffered a miscarriage after the attack. >> it was important to come and see him, who he was, and there was a lot of anger. >> reporter: dozens of family members and several survivors of the
that shooting. his name is james holmes. he's 24 years old, seen dazed during that hearing today, even closed his eyes at one point. his hair was dyed a comic book shade of bright red. jay gray is outside the courthouse with more on this. jay? >> reporter: i think those who have characterized this hearing as bizarre or pretty much right on here, it was a packed courtroom at the courthouse. in that crowd five family members of victims, each with a victim's advocate and box of tissue by their side as they, along with the rest of the world, got their first glim ms at the man who police say changed their lives and this community forever. >> you have the right to be represented by an attorney. >> reporter: these are the first public images of suspect james holmes since the attack a picture of evil for so many watching, including family members of the victims. >> he looks demonic or something like that. >> reporter: the 24-year-old accused of plotting for months and carrying out a murder rouse rampage wore a maroon jailhouse jumpsuit, his hair dyed bright red and pink, fitting descriptions from rep
to be considered alive in colorado. she also lost her daughter, veronica, in the shooting. holmes will be charged tomorrow. >>> penn state university says it will probably take out a long-term loan to pay the fine against the athletic department. the combination of funds will be used to pay the the fine. it was part of a punishment for the university's cover up of child sex abuse claims against jerry sandusky. other sanctions included a loss of scholarships and four-year bowl ban. coach paterno's wins have been erased from the record books. >>> did we get a break from the heat and storms today, but will it last? beautiful. >> it's a good looking sky, no doubt about it. lot of moisture, but still a very bright blue sky and a beautiful little field of cumulus clouds, which have generated a few little spot showers, but nowhere near as hot as yesterday. today, we're flirting with 89, 90 degrees. not a lot going on. lonesome shower and a few sprinkles down towards portions of southern charles county, so not too bad. our evening planner, just a spotty shower for the next couple of hours, but 99% of us
in their corner. eye . >>> a psychiatrist who specialized in schizophrenia was treating james holmes at the university of colorado in denver. more funerals in aurora, and across the country as victims are laid to rest. jay gray has more. >> reporter: grin zannis is an artist. his tools a bussaw and boards his canvas. oklahoma city, red lake, minnesota, northern illinois, column buy, and now aurora. >> i've been building crosses really since i was 6-year-old in nashville. >> reporter: now he builds them outside his home in aurora, illinois. they are different dimensions, different heights, a lot of what he builds depends on the wood he gets, but each cross carries the exact same message. >> it's a message of hope. it's not a loss. it's a victory. >> reporter: he does it for free, won't take donations, and will only go if invited. >> i have to be asked. i have to be welcomed, i can go, knowing that i can counsel somebody. >> reporter: baas his labor of love is personal. >> i think about my loss. >> reporter: his father-in-law was murdered in 1996. therapy, counseling couldn't help him
james holmes, the suspect in the movie theater massacre told them where to find what could be key evidence in the case. the former neuroscience graduate student apparently told investigators about a package he had sent to the university of colorado's mel campus in aurora. police found it in the mailroom, unopened. inside they found what is described as details about tilling people. >> i'm overwhelmed by this. good people taken. >> people like gordon cowden, the oldest victim of the massacre took his two teenage daughters to the movie. they survived. he was laid to rest, the first of at least 2 funerals. >> i need officers on the east side. >> reporter: after the chaos and killing at the theater, there are now growing questions in this grieving community about what will happen to the crime scene. some say it should be torn down and replaced by a memorial. others argue the cinema should reopen to show the world the gunman didn't win that night. right now the building is still locked down by police, but could be returned to the owners by the end of the week. looking to provide streng
she like others wants answers. eleanor holmes norton became the latest eselected officials to weigh in on the worse innocence scandal. as quickly as possible. >>> and -- to resign, mayor agree insisted he would not. >> gray especially was critical of mary cheh, until she called wednesday for him to quit. >> have you tone to him today? >> i have a message that she continues to talk about great respect and great affects to me. >> my question would be why dug do that? >> people are proving that they are innocent, so i really don't understand it. >> more serious for the mayor, "the washington post" front page story, that in january in the midst of this probe, the mayor held a secret meeting with jeanne harris, the public relations executive who pleaded guilty on wednesday to a felony for orchestrating the $650,000 shadow --. it's the first indication grey knew about the unreported money, and that january 10th secret meeting harris came after harris huddled in december with businessman jeffrey thompson. >> mayor gray thursday could find comment. >> what was the meeting? what can you tell
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9